New Online Directions

Some nasty news came out about Facebook over the weekend, which you can read about here and here like I did. Facebook manipulated the emotions of some of its users for an experiment a few years back, and we’re just finding out about it.

As a result I’ve decided to cut ties with Facebook and do what I should have done years ago: redirect all that social energy toward this blog. Starting today I’ll be blogging more, strengthening the connections between this site and the rest of my online presence, and spend a lot less time on Buzzfeed.

The first thing returning visitors will notice is I’ve updated the design. I’ll still be tweaking and experimenting, but I’m already pleased with the way things are progressing.

Second, there’s a new Media tab with links to some of my YouTube videos, and hopefully soon my first sermon audio.

Third, I’m moving “Music Mondays” from Facebook to here. Nothing crazy, just a video a week of a song that I find interesting/entertaining and hope you might, too.

From there? Who knows! But I’m excited about the possibilities. My only concern is I may lose contact with some people after the move, but there’s only so much I can do there. We survived without it 10 years ago; I’m sure it won’t be too hard to survive without it now.

2 thoughts on “New Online Directions”

  1. I’ve spent most of the summer without FB, other than posts to our church’s FB page which happen about once a week, but which also require me to get there through my page. Bleh. We don’t have a very FB heavy church body—at least that I am aware of, so debating whether we even need a FB page. I also would like to eventually organize my online writing in one place, but haven’t done it yet. I have several wordpress blogs, plus the church website (blog). Glad you will be writing more here.

    1. Knowing how to invest in FB is a tough decision. Even if you don’t have many people using it now, it’s still a way for outsiders to learn more about your church. I sometimes turned to FB pages to learn more about churches here in Grand Rapids as we tried to decide whom to visit. But if your church blog is accessible perhaps that’s enough. (Or maybe you can delegate FB updates to someone more interested?) But I’m sure I’m not telling you anything new.

      Thanks for the writing encouragement and for keeping up with my scant posts through the years!

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