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bw_profile_againThanks for visiting! I’m Josh Vajda, a recent DTS grad (ThM 2012) living in Grand Rapids, Michigan. I am known to write, teach, and even preach on occasion, and have been performing music for over a decade. I also love to chat theology over coffee, so if you ever find yourself in West Michigan, send me an email!

This blog is a place for me to share ideas and resources on Christian life and doctrine, a practice space for thinking about different subjects like a Christian and encouraging others to do the same. My passion is to explore how everything relates to God and to think consistently about the world from a Christian perspective. Of course, thinking is a necessary step on the way to doing, and I believe thinking rightly should result in living rightly.

Learning to Think Like a Christian

By “learning to think like a Christian” I mean learning to approach everything through the lenses of Christian faith, interpreting the world by the light of the Bible as the Christian Church has historically understood it. This includes:

  1. Embracing specific premises in faith, such as God’s goodness and sovereignty, the broken state of nature and culture, etc.
  2. Thinking clearly and with discernment, convinced that while God’s thoughts are higher than ours, God is still a God of reason. It honors Him when I don’t fall for bad arguments and when I speak with humility about what I think I know.
  3. And taking seriously the idea that love is everything. Everything we do ought to be saturated with love for God and love for our fellow men and women, and this ought to change how we think about things, what we say and how we say it.

I still have a long way to go on all counts.

Short  Bio

My FamilyI’m a lifelong Christian, raised in the conservative Baptist tradition. I’ve been blessed with a fantastic wife and lively daughter, the loves of my life, and we recently relocated to West Michigan after a six year journey in Dallas. I have over 15 years of ministry experience, primarily in worship and college ministries, as well as a ThM (2012) from Dallas Theological Seminary and a bachelor’s in English (2005) from Central Michigan University. My main interests are the history of ideas, divine revelation, the relationship between faith and reason, and the relationship between nature and grace.

As a theologian, my first duty is to faithfully and creatively passes on the beliefs and practices entrusted to me by Scripture through the Church. My greatest desire is to serve the Church by helping Christians navigate the difficult doctrines and writings of the faith.

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